J. Lun Fisheries (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary company of J. Lun Trading and Services (Pvt) Ltd, engaged in exporting of A Grade sashimi tuna and reef fish to the US and importing specialized seafood products for the past 10 years.

Our online store

Launched in August 2016, we offer a variety of seafood products, from your daily essentials ( Tuna, Snapper, Travelly, Crab etc) to high end items to specialized products (Sashimi Tuna, Saku Tuna, Crab Meat, Basa Fillet, Seafood Mix Pack Lobster etc)  and super saver items such as (Export Grade Frozen Prawns, Tuna Trimmings etc) . We also offer a array of cut options and take it one step further by using zip lock bags to pack your order to your cooking requirement to ensure less degradation of quality and flavor, making prep time faster.