1.     When will you deliver my order ? 

        We usually deliver within 24 hours of your order. (Delivery of items   

        are subject to the availability of the item and if the 24 hours from

        the order time falls outside the scope of our operational hours)

2.     Do I get an approximate date of delivery

        Generally when the items are ready for dispatching one of our

        representatives will inform you.

3.     Can I call and reschedule my allotted delivery date and time?
Yes, once our representative calls and if you are unable to be at   

        home you can reschedule your delivery to suite you.

4.     What happens if I miss my delivery?

        If you’re not at home when your delivery arrives, we will try to  

        reach you by phone and if you are unable to collect your order at

        that point of time we have no recourse than charging you the

        invoice amount.